IA2’s Dr. Carson Co-authors Book Chapter: Depression, Diabetes & Dementia

IndigenousPeoplesandDementia_Flyer_Mar8_19_Dr. Carson, IA2 research consultant, co-authored a chapter addressing historical, biocultural, and generational factors among American Indian and Alaska Native Elders in a new  book titled “Indigenous People and Dementia: New Understandings of Memory Loss and Memory Care.

Dementia is on the rise around the world, and health organizations in Canada, the United States, and New Zealand are responding to the urgent need – voiced by communities and practitioners – for guidance on how best to address memory loss in Indigenous communities. This innovative volume responds to the call by bringing together, for the first time, studies and traditional stories that address three key areas of concern: prevalence, causes, and public discourse; Indigenous perspectives on care and prevention; and culturally safe application of research to Elder care. Collectively, the contributors demonstrate that care must be grounded in collaborative research informed by Indigenous knowledge and worldviews.

The publication was edited by Wendy Hulko, Danielle Wilson, and Jean Balestrery and published by The University of British Columbia Press.