IA2 Speaks @ University of New Mexico Nursing Conference

IA2 Executive Director, Dave Baldridge, was invited to present on characteristics of American Indian and Alaska Native patients to 50 participants as part of the University of New Mexico Emergency Nursing conference in July of this year.

Baldridge’s presentation provided an overview of the definition of an Indian, discussed the Indian health care system, general sociodemographic characteristics, the issue of urbanization in Native populations, touched on the subjects of depression and epigenetics, as well as discussed generational values and attitudinal differences between Natives and non-Natives. His presentation also discussed perspectives on advanced care planning and palliative care providing an overview of a case study from Ft. Defiance, and shared data specific to the UNMH Palliative Care Program.

Baldrige’s presentation was very well received with participants rating it a 4.9 out of 5.

For more information, see the attached copy of the presentation slides below. If you are interested in scheduling a presentation by Mr. Baldridge or another IA2 staff member, contact dave@iasquared.org.

Baldridge Presentation to UNM Nursing Conference