IA2Participates in Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Seminar Series

Feb. 21, 2012

Dave Baldridge, Executive Director of the International Association for Indigenous Aging (IA2) has been accepted as a Thought Leader Fellow to participate in a series of seminars under the Closing the Racial Wealth Gap (CRWG) Initiative, sponsored by the Center for Community Economic Development.

CRWG Thought Leader Fellows will belong to a cohort of approximately 20 Experts of Color who will participate in a comprehensive writing training conducted by The OpEd Project. Fellows will also receive access to an exclusive monthly conference call with major media insiders, weekly editing support from top journalists, and a year of high-level mentoring.

The training program consists of three interactive seminar sessions. The CRWG Initiative will award a scholarship to all Thought Leader Fellows to cover the costs of the OpEd Project training program.

For more information on the CRWG initiative, go to http://www.insightcced.org/index.php?page=Closing-RWG