IA2 Director Baldridge Named to New Mexico Child Fatality Review

July 1, 2013

IA2 Executive Director Dave Baldridge has been named as a member of the New Mexico Department of Health’s Child Fatality Review committee, known as The Broader Spectrum and Sudden Infant Death Review.

The New Mexico Child Fatality Review (NMCFR) was established in 1998 to examine the circumstances that contribute to the deaths of infants, children, and youth in New Mexico. The purpose of the NMCFR is to identify risk reduction, prevention, and systems improvement factors in these deaths and to recommend strategies that can prevent future injury and death. The NMCFR provides a forum to review agency actions and inactions as they relate to child protection and death reduction. The review process results in increased understanding of risk factors for deaths that help medical, public health and law enforcement personnel identify children at risk, and alert the community to emerging patterns of death.

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