Baldridge Presents at 2012 AI/AN Long Term Services and Supports Conference

March 21, 2012

IA2 Executive Director Dave Baldridge spoke at a March 21 Hospice/Palliative Care workshop held as part of the 2012 AI/AN Long Term Services and Supports Conference in Denver, CO.

He described his recent research into palliative care programs at four Native EOL sites that are demonstrating that innovative approaches can succeed. These programs are located at: 1. Ft. Defiance, Ariz.—the “Cultural Care Team Model” 2. Cherokee Nation (Okla.)—the “Client Centered Home Health Model” 3. Zuni (N.M.) Pueblo—the “Tribal/Indian Health Service Partnership Model” 4. University of New Mexico—the “Urban Institutional Model”

This work was described in an issue brief prepared for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Healthy Aging program entitled, “Moving Beyond Paradigm Paralysis American Indian End-of-Life.” To view the paper, go to

Baldridge is the former executive director of the National Indian Council on Aging (NICOA) from 1991-2003. Under his leadership, NICOA became the nation’s foremost nonprofit advocate for older Indians and Alaska Natives. The organization tripled in size while significantly influencing legislation and Federal policies affecting AI/AN elders. Baldridge has been actively involved in public policy and research efforts on Federal, state, and local levels. His publications on a wide variety of Indian aging issues have been widely distributed and cited.

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